About Us

We at Nautilus pride ourselves on providing professional, tailored and cost effective Maritime Security Services. 

The founder of Nautilus is a retired Colonel from the Hellenic special forces. Our team consists of personnel from law enforcement, military, Government and commercial security backgrounds with years of experience of working in Difficult and hostile environments.

Our team has been providing Maritime Security Services and solutions operationally since 2009. We currently provide a wide range of premium and cost effective solutions for:

  • Commercial shipping
  • Port and Terminal security
  • Off shore Platforms
  • Oil and Gas
  • Superyachts
  • Consulatncy
  • Vessel Recovery
  • Fleet Management
  • Training

Since 2009 we have developed:

  • Valuable operational experience
  • Specific insight into maritime security policy and regulations
  • Thorough understanding of the threat of piracy
  • Global network of clients and agents
  • Real time access for maritime risk based intelligence