Armed Escort Services


Nautilus is fully licensed to provide Armed Escort Services.

To date, no vessels that were protected with armed maritime security operators has been hijacked; this fact offers proof that armed escorting of vessels is the most effective and efficient way to protect the vessel, crew and cargo against any malicious attacks during their transit through high-risk areas.

Our Security Operators remain onboard during the entire passage through the high-risk area. They have the ability to carry out non-lethal, and lethal responses in order to deter any piracy or attempts to attack the vessel and crew.

Upon request we can provide all necessary licenses and certifications proving the “legal carriage” and “use of firearms” according to flag, port, and coastal state regulations and laws.

The Vessel’s master remains the highest authority on board during the entire transit.

Security Equipment:

We use only the appropriate weapons and equipment, in order to guarantee:

  • Efficiency
  • Liability
  • Functionality
  • Safety

Our teams when deployed will typically carry:

  • Semi-automatic rifles of 7,62mm
  • 250 rounds/per rifle
  • Body Armour – Level 6
  • Helmet – Level 6
  • Night Vision/Binoculars
  • Communication Equipment
  • Medical Equipment/Trauma Pack

All actions to be taken will be according to predetermined rules of “use of force” or “rules of engagement” which the client will be fully aware.

All measures to be taken would have prior authorisation from the captain and any other authorities involved.

Any such measures will be implemented only for the purposes of preventing any “type of attack” or attempt an unauthorised approach on the vessel and for no other reason.