Operational Teams

Our operational teams are built by strict and thorough selection, thus we can guaranty that we employ the most professional and qualified personnel. They are all well trained and highly experienced members that are additionally specialized in the provision of maritime security. We have developed and implement standardized procedures of continuous personnel training and evaluation in order to maintain and to further improve our high quality standards in the performance of our services.

Our security experts combine knowledge of the ISPS Code and vessel’s environment as well as counter – terrorism and anti-piracy tactics. They follow Nautilus MSS’s Code of Conduct & Rules of Engagement for both decision-making and in the use of force.


Criteria of selection:

  • Long and proven experience in special operations
  • Personality, Attitude & Soft Skills
  • Personal References
  • Nationality


Evaluation and Training

We continuously evaluate and train the teams according to international standards and standardized internal company procedures.


Culture of Quality

We strive for a culture of quality and continuous improvement.