Unarmed Escort Services

Although the escort of vessels with armed security operators is proven to be the most effective approach against the threat of piracy and maritime terrorism in high risk areas, Premiumfocus Nautilus is able to offer to its clients, highly experienced and advanced trained teams of unarmed security operators, as an alternative maritime security solution.

After their embarkation they provide practical assistance, as well as consultation on how to deal with a piracy attempt with all existing means and moreover according to BMP5 (Best Management Practices, Version 5).

They assist in applying all appropriate and necessary measures to increase the vessels self protection, such as vessel hardening, captain and crew training, evasive procedures, crew drills and exercises, management of appropriate communications systems.

As the human eye still remains the best form of initial defense, our unarmed security operators can guarantee a 24hr monitoring of the vessel by using state of the art equipment.

The unmatched experience of our security teams, coupled with their profound knowledge of all types of vessels and their expertise in dealing with all difficult circumstances that vessels may encounter, enables them to deal in the best possible way with any situation related to the security of the maritime transport and be a valuable addition to BMPs.

It has been reported that in many cases vessels were only partially complying with the recommended procedures, resulting in successful attacks which could otherwise have been avoided. The critical importance of fully complying with the BMPs, the implementation of which has been shown to be effective in protecting vessels and crews, cannot be understated.

In the case of a successful hijack, a causative failure to comply with the BMPs could prejudice a ship owner’s right of recovery particularly in cases where cover is provided on a discretionary basis. Cover could also be potentially affected by failure to comply with the BMPs.